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[29/04/2010] Dual DVD players and features, which one should I buy

Want to install a dual DVD player to your old car to make entertainment go on wheels? But have no idea how to go about it? Which one to buy? Who manufactures them? What rates are being offered and is it within my budget?  It sure is a difficult task to identify all this, considering the new technologies jumping into our lives every now and then. Well to start off lets first classify what a dual DVD player has to have. A dual DVD is a player in which a driver can enjoy radio (due to the presence of GPS receiver) through the speakers while at the same time the passengers can enjoy movies or video at the back with the help of the AV output. This means you can put up two headrest monitors in the back seat. A monitor at the front, is a decision totally dependant upon a driver. Usually drivers don’t put one as it appears to be a distraction to them.

    •    A car dual DVD player may consist of a GPS-navigation which is very helpful to the driver in the way that only by pressing it the instructions will be played though the music will die down for a few seconds but after the instructions are over the system will get you back to your music.

    •    A few of them may have the option to go portable. This means you can take it with you your room or anywhere you want.
*(batteries can be used to recharge it.)

    •    The LCD size should also be taken into consideration.

    •    The picture and sound quality are of main concern. Many of the players now have HDMI technology available. Goods news for those who are quality freaks!

    •    Some new DVD players can even play blu-ray disc, USB ports, MP3 playback and even have the capability to play the newer digital video file formats like MP4 and DivX.

    •    Multi-DVD changing player is good for those who listen to various DVDs at a time. Some models let you put upto six DVDs in its tray at a time. Minimum is three DVDs.

    •    Videos and movies can also be recorded, only if the model allows you to.

    •    Another important feature that a buyer must consider is that whether the system is providing various different outputs for videos, audio and digital & analog input.

Many companies have come up with various models to facilitate their customers including Sony, Toshiba, JVC, Philips.


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